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Unleash Their Intelligence With This LCD Doodle Glo Sketch for Kids

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The most fun toy for kids to develop their brains and flourish their creativity!

Get the most recommended drawing tablet by pediatrists for inspiring imagination and creating a passion for learning in your kids.

No mess or cleanup
Great for all ages
Safe for the eyes
10,000+ drawings

10 Reasons Why Parents Love Glo Sketch for their Growing Kids


Fun for boys and girls 2+ years old


Glare-free surface is safe for the eyes


Doesn’t stain clothes or hands


Cultivates imagination & creativity


Makes schoolwork more fun


Fits inside your handbag or backpack


Hangs easily on the wall or fridge


Improves enthusiasm for learning


Avoids paper waste (saves 10,000+ pieces of paper)


More bonding time with your child

Let Your Kid be Inspired!

The creative genius inside your child is waiting to be released! Glo Sketch is just the fun and imaginative tool to inspire them for hours on end, and parents love that there’s no clean-up or mess.

It’s compact like a tablet but versatile like real paper.

Parents are catching on fast to the imaginative power of Glo Sketch, and tens of thousands are now sold every week. Give your kid a Glo Sketch and witness their creativity and intelligence develop from the moment the stylus touches the screen.

Still unsure? Every purchase comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee, so you can return it for a refund - it’s totally risk-free!

Unleash the Inspiration in 3, 2, 1!

Step 1

Unlock the screen using the button in the middle

Step 2

Pop the stylus out from its holder and use it to color on the screen

Step 3

Either hang up the beautiful work, or hit the “erase” button to start again!

A Whole New Level of Creativity & Learning -
all in 1!

Schoolwork, drawing, & doodling

Up to 10,000 drawings for one battery

Durable & drop resistant for active kids

Erasable & reusable

Light and portable

Endless imagination!

What People are Saying

What do you get with the Glo Sketch?

LCD tablet with simple erase button

The screen has no harmful glare, and just one button clears the screen for more drawing

Replaceable battery

One battery lasts for over 10,000 drawings, and it screws securely into the side, safe from tiny wandering hands

Stylus pen with anti-loss rope

The stylus can be stored in the given compartment on the side, and the rope keeps it secure so your kids can’t lose it.

Lock screen feature

Simply press the button to lock the screen and save on battery life when you’re done using it.

The Glo Sketch Learning and Creative Advantage

iPad or Tablet
Pencil & Paper

Safe for eyes

Safe for ages 2-4

Free from delicate parts

Blade safety protector

Zero waste


No, you have to use the stylus in order to make the tablet work.

Press the small button on the center of the frame to erase the picture and start again.

Absolutely, the Tablet is safe for kids of all ages, although we recommend starting with age 2. For added safety, be sure to attach the lanyard to the stylus for very young children to avoid a choking hazard or loss of the stylus.

One battery will last more than 10,000 drawings, so go wild and have fun!

We offer a refund if you call or email us within 30 days, no questions asked.

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